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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


                           When August leaves me breathless, so close and hot
                           That my mind becomes sluggish and my spirits melt
                            I come where the river runs too cool for thought,
                            So clear that the willow shadows bend and sway
                            On its tawny bed where smolt and minnows play.
                             I strip off my clothes, dive in and flail away
                             Among all that dazzle and cold, let myself get caught
                             With the current against me, all for naught.

                              Most people swim upstream, like my guests
                              Who love to thrash like mad around the bend,
                               In displays of aquatic prowess.
                               Not me: I flip on my back, surrender
                               My self  entirely, let the river render
                               Me willy nilly~ aimless, cool and blessed.


by Annis Pratt